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Allergies Treatment
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Most people assume that if the eyes are itchy and red, then it must be allergies. Ironically, dry eye symptoms present in exactly the same way, which is why over-the-counter allergy eye drops do not work in many cases. If a patient presents with allergic conjunctivitis, prescription eye drops are prescribed. Prescription medications work more effectively than the over the counter allergy eye drops.

Eye infections, contact lens related and non-contact lens related, can cause great discomfort and redness to the eyes. Our doctors are trained to treat all eye infections. It is best to get your eyes checked early if you suspect you have an eye infection. Patients generally wait until they are in so much pain or discomfort before making an appointment. By then, the infection can spread from one eye to another. These eye infections may be bacterial or viral or fungal. Without the use of our slit lamp (our microscope), it is difficult to correctly diagnose what the cause is by just looking at the eyes and going by the symptoms. Once the diagnosis is made, the proper medical treatment can be implemented.

Please remember to make an appointment as soon as possible if you suspect you have an eye infection or any eye problem. Prolonging this visit can potentially cause vision loss if not treated effectively and quickly.

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