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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
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Over 140 million Americans work on a computer daily. About 87% of those people suffer from COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME (CVS). Symptoms of CVS include:

  1. Burning/ tired eyes
  2. Blurred / double vision
  3. Headaches
  4. Loss of focusing
  5. Pains in the neck and shoulder

What causes CVS is our eyes and brain react differently when focusing on printed text versus text on a computer screen. It is easier for our eyes to focus on characters in printed material because the characters are well defined with good contrast. On the other hand, since the characters on the computer screen have varying contrast and its characters (pixels) are brightest at the center and fade in intensity towards the edges, our eyes work harder to maintain focus. As one views the screen, the scrolling and/or refreshing of various screens causes additional fatigue for the focusing muscles. Treatment for CVS is to have your eyes checked.

It is vital for you to make an appointment for a computer vision examination. This is a separate evaluation (in addition to a comprehensive exam) that is performed for those patients who use the computer at least 2 hours/ day. This examination allows the doctor to evaluate ergonomics, lighting conditions, work situations, glare conditions, etc. and determine if a pair of specialized computer glasses is needed for your specific needs at work or at home.

Optically, there are different ways that we can decrease eyestrain, while improving the quality of vision when using the computer. We offer the following options:

  1. Custom filters or tints
  2. Anti-glare coating
  3. Computer prescription glasses
  4. Specialty computer progressive lenses

Just like wearing a different pair of shoes for different activities, many patients need a separate pair of computer glasses for the different visual tasks that they perform. Some patients will need single vision computer glasses while others may need to have computer progressive lenses.

Special coatings such as an anti-glare coating can greatly enhance vision by eliminating unwanted glare from coming into the eyes. Patients will notice improved productivity at work or at home because the eyes are more relaxed and less fatigued. Custom filters may be used and are often recommended to also help reduce eyestrain, too.

Call and make an appointment today so we can help your eyes feel better, too!

TIP of the day: Taking breaks every hour can help the eye muscles relax and “stretch out.” These breaks can just be 15-20 seconds in length, but they will make the eyes feel much better by the end of the day.

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